Sunday, March 4, 2012

Taking Back My House

I believe it all started when we lived with my mother-in-law.  We lived in a small room that we shared with a large chest freezer, but I was always thankful because our room at least had a window.  We had a few things with us, but most of our household was in a storage locker.  It started there, and add any other co-habitation arrangements, hotel rooms, and a van.  I felt safe in one room situations and since have made my bedroom my house.  Everything else in the house was space I had to go through, in my mind, not part of my house, my sanctuary, my safe hold.  This is ridiculous.  So over the past few weeks I have slowly been working my way up to taking back my house, and it was finalized over this past week, when I moved everything that didn't need to be in my bedroom out into the living room and kitchen.  I love it!!  It was such a great weight lifted, the weight being me wanting to pile all my feelings, hurt, pain on myself like blankets to protect me from the rest of the world, the idiotic, cruel, small minded world.  Small steps, but great ones!


  1. I went from a huge 3BR home to being a live-in with my daughter in a small bedroom of someone else's home, now I'm in a small apartment-sized house, and I have to say I understand the safety in the small space. I could probably live in a big house again... maybe... and I can definitely relate to this!

  2. Haha...we may be going smaller than the current 998 sq ft we live in now.

    Have a great one.

    Your crazy friend,